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Uruguay Visa Types

As a visitor, there are a few visas you can apply for if you are not from a visa-exempt country but wish to visit Uruguay. The visas are issued to visitors based on the purpose of their visit and the system duration. You will find all the information you need about each visa.

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    Additional steps you may take:
    • Check the current validity of your passport and the availability of blank visa pages

    • Contact the nearest embassy or consulate of Uruguay

      Take advantage of our extensive embassy and consular database to find the nearest one. Upon contacting the embassy confirm the required documents, the time it takes to process the visa and whether the consulate accepts applications by mail.

    Additional information
      • Check visa

      Uruguay Visa Policy

      Under the visa policy of Uruguay, every visitor to the Latin American country must obtain a visa from any of the diplomatic missions abroad unless they are from a visa-exempt country.

      More than 80 countries on Uruguay's visa-exempt list can visit and stay in the country for up to 90 days without needing visas. This duration can also be extendable under certain circumstances unless, in the case of Argentina and Russia, with separate clauses.

      Uruguay does not require visas for crew members of airlines and ships, including citizens of other nations who can prove that they were born in Uruguay.

      Uruguay also offers visa-free access to holders of diplomatic, service, and official passport holders from Angola, Albania, Egypt, Suriname, and a host of other countries. This list of countries is subject to bilateral agreements Uruguay has with other nations as the list keeps changing based on current realities.

      Chinese citizens who have public Affairs passports can stay in Uruguay for 90 days visa-free as well if they have multiple entry visas to other acceptable countries valid for over 18 months and entry through selected ports like Port of Montevideo, Port of Colonia, or Carrasco International Airport.

      Citizens from countries not on the visa-free list must get a visa from a Uruguayan consulate or embassy abroad before making their way to the country.

      Uruguay Travel Information For Visitors

      As a first time visitor to Uruguay, you are probably unfamiliar with the situation in the country, so make sure you read our travel information to prepare yourself.

      Security and Safety: Petty crime is a big deal in Uruguay, with bag snatching, pickpocketing, and burglaries an everyday occurrence in the country, including in the capital city of Montevideo. When using ATMs in the country, be conscious of your surroundings. Miscreants also target cars with open windows are traffic light stops, so be mindful of your personal effects. Also, ensure you lock your doors and windows and don't expose valuables inside your vehicle, even if it is locked.

      If you stay in a resort, be very careful, as those are targets for criminals looking to cash in on vulnerable tourists. Also, avoid walking alone in dark places.

      Natural Disasters: Uruguay is quite safe from severe disasters like earthquakes, but the country experiences great flooding. Make sure you research well, from your hotel to your places of interest, and stay away from areas with a history of flooding.

      Health: Uruguay is subject to ongoing droughts that may last for months or years, which makes water a scarce resource during such times. The national eater company mixes salt water into the water supply to cater to the population, which can cause health complications for many, especially those not used to salty fluids. Be advised only to drink bottled water throughout your stay in Uruguay so you don't fall ill.

      HIV/AIDS is significant in Uruguay, so avoid activities that expose you to the virus. Foodborne and waterborne diseases such as cholera, typhoid, hepatitis, and rabies are prevalent, so avoid eating undercooked or raw food. In the unfortunate event you are bitten by an animal, visit a hospital for treatment as quickly as possible.

      It will also help you have a comprehensive health insurance plan to reduce your medical bills, as healthcare is quite expensive in the country, and facilities charge upfront for treatments.

      Drugs: Uruguay has strict laws against drug trafficking, and offenders are punished with heavy fines and extended prison sentences. Don't use, buy or carry marijuana in Uruguay as a visitor; only citizens and permanent residents can cultivate or market it for profit. The country also has strict import and export laws for marijuana that may seem complicated for visitors, so avoid possession.

      Same-Sex Laws: Uruguay has same-sex laws protecting persons with such orientation and banning discrimination against persons based on same-sex orientation.

      Visa Extension: You can extend your visa and your stay in Uruguay if you meet specific criteria depending on your visa type. Extension applications must be forwarded to the nearest immigration office where you are domiciled at least 1 week or more before your current visa expires. The application has a fee, and the immigration office will review your application. Should you meet the requirements, they will extend your stay by a few more weeks or more than a year if you are currently on a long-stay visa.

      Sufficient Funds: As a visitor, you are expected to carry sufficient funds to cover your expenses throughout your time in the country. To this end, the embassy will demand proof of funds through a Bank statement of account covering the last three months. This account must have a minimum balance for your trip.

      Uruguay e-Visa Online – Get your Uruguay e-Visa with VisaHQ

      VisaHQ makes obtaining an electronic visa for Uruguay a simple process. Forget waiting in long lines at the embassy or visiting a consulate; now, all it takes to get a Uruguay visa is a few clicks on a computer or mobile device.

      Uruguay COVID-19 travel restrictions

      • Entry is open
        Uruguay is currently open for travellers from all countries.
        Prior to arrival requirements
        Valid passport. Valid national passport with at least 6 month remaining validity after the date of departure.
        Valid visa. Please see the instructions above if visa is needed and apply.
        Negative COVID-19 test prior to arrival. Eligible travelers must present a negative COVID-19 test taken no more than 72 hours before departure. Fully vaccinated travelers are exempted.
        Upon arrival restrictions
        😷Masks are required in enclosed public places.

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              For additional information about travel restrictions, security warnings, political updates, and basic travel guidelines, please contact the nearest Uruguayan Embassy.


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